How to learn Data Structure?

by - February 25, 2019

Hello guys,  Today we are going to answer very commonly asked question from all programming beginners.

Who want to become programmer in future. Once we learn any programming language, usually we all learn C language in our first year since it is one of the easiest programming language to learn. Than next subject that we have to learn is the Data structure using C or C++.
It is one of the most important subject that we should master before landing in to any corporate to work on real projects.
Data structure is used everywhere in industry and it is asked in every interview rounds when you applied for the post of software developer or programmer.

Lets begin with step by step.

Step 1:
Understand what is Data Structure
At the very beginning we should understand that what actually data structure is. Before learning any concept in Computer Science we should know about it's meaning, uses/application as well as its demand too.
Data structure is every where in the software development. So it is very important to learn. Data is one of the fundamental thing in this era that exist everywhere. Your name, mobile number including country code is the data that is stored somewhere and we have to deal with it. So arrangement of data and it's accessing should be enough easy so it takes minimum time to access by user as well as developers too.

Step 2:
Start from Basic Data structure

You need not to learn stack or queue directly. Firstly learn basic concepts of C language than learn Array that what is array and why to use array.
What kind of data an array can store, how to access array, what is index number concept in array. Make some programs with the help of simple array data structure.

Step 3:
Work on Memory Management concepts

One more thing that we should keep in mind that till we do not master the concepts of memory allocation concepts. It is very hard and difficult to learn data structure.
We should learn concept of Pointers that what is pointer and what actually it stores along with the size of pointer.
What is static and dynamic memory allocation and why is it used since  once we start learning linked list or queue data structure we have to allocate memory at run time since it is not easy and possible to always know that how much memory will be used in future.

Step 4:
Make small Projects

Till you do not use your brain itself you can not train it as you should. You should start working on small projects.You can make some small and easy projects in C language like Hospital or Library management. It will not only help you to understand the uses of data structure apart from it you will use the concept of structure, pointer, file management and many more basic and important concept of C language.

Step 5:
Never try to memorise

We should never memorise any concept in computer science engineering. As much as you understand and you used in in you programs, you start enjoying your learning journey.
Do not try to use the same concepts or accessing methodology as you learnt from books, use your own Brain and apply some new approach.

Step 6:
Understand the area of Particular Data Structure

You should know that where we have to use linked list and where to use stack and queue as we have have learnt the uses of structure and union.

Step 7:
Deep in to ocean of Data Structure

Once you have learnt all the data structures concept now work on big or medium size projects here you have to use many data structures as much you can.
Try to simplify your code by using appropriate data structure. Work on complexity issues of you program. Minimise the space as well as time complexity.

Good luck from NADian family.
Happy Coding

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