Adding video To Webpage

by - April 18, 2019

Html is known as base of any website display, Html is further beautified , so that it looks very much attractive, CSS will be taught in  future lessons.
Today we will learn about adding video to a html web page, so open your text editor &without any further delay lets start

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Adding Video to Web page</Title>
<h1>My First gameplay</h1>
<p>Some text...</p>
<p align="Center"><font color="red" ><span style=" background-color: white">
<video width=" 1300px" height="468px" controls>
<source src="C:\Users\ACER SMART WORLD\Videos\xy.mp4">

adding video to a webpage is as simple as drinking a cup of tea
you can adjust the width & height of your video using width & height properties inside video tag

controls attribute is used to add view play/pause and adjust volume
the locaton of the video to be tagged should be written in quotes in  of video src

In this example  I have used video file saved on my pc change the source to any video in your repository

If your video file is in the same location as your webpage than you don`t need to write full location address ,
you can just write full video file name with extension.

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