My First C program

by - April 18, 2019

Whenever a person starts learning computer science than the first language which is recommended to him to learn is C
C is a procedural programming programming language, It was developed by  "Dennis ritchie"
in 1963. C is a Low level language and has simple set of pre defined keywords, which makes it easier for begginers to understand

Let`s take a glance at our First Hello World program in C programming language.


In the above code:-

  1. #include:- is a header file which must be included in every C program as it contains various definition & function necessary for a C program to work correctly.

There are various other libraries in C such as:-
and various other

2. main() :- Every C program should have a main function to run a C program, until unless we don`t go for user-defined function or another user-defined data type, Everything in the program is written inside main function.

3. printf() function:- printf is used to print the value of integer, string, char, float etc on the console Screen.

This is just beginning of C programming various big and logic enriched programmers are on the way so stay connected to NADIAN

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